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The McCormick View #94 - What's Really Behind the Anger?

Recent comments by President Donald Trump that NFL players were "sons of bitches" and "should be fired" for their pre-game protests of social injustice and inequality in America, has sparked a national conversation about 1st Amendment rights, respect for our symbols and for the country itself and who gets to say who is patriotic and who isn't.

On this episode of The McCormick View, we explore the issue and offer an opinion on whether these NFL players are disrespecting America or are within their rights of free expression.

The McCormick View #93 - Book Review: They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

In this episode of The McCormick View, we provide a review of the great book, 'They Ask, You Answer" by Marcus Sheridan.

This book focuses on the strategy of content marketing, and, using real world examples, explains how to tap into what your customers REALLY want and provide that information to them, honestly and with full transparency.

Many businesses, large and small are marketing with tactics and strategies from the past. In They Ask, You Answer, Sheridan describes how content marketing, along with social media platforms and great customer service, is a much more effective marketing strategy, and he provides real world examples to make his point.

This is a great book for any small business, digital marketing manager, social media managers, CMOs and business owners.

The McCormick View #92-NFL Economics 101:Why Not Watching NFL Won't Help...

There is a a movement to protest against the NFL by not watching NFL games because of the league's treatment and apparent exclusion of Colin Kaepernick from playing for an NFL team. The hope is that by driving down ratings through lower viewship, the NFL will respond and address the issue.
This week's podcast explains the simple economics of how the NFL makes its $14 Billion annual revenue, and why lower viewer ratings won't change it's behavior.